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Food Protection and Education

Scores only represent a snapshot of the facility at the time of inspection. Scoring is based on critical vs. non critical violations. Repeated facility names may indicate follow-up inspection of a single permitted activity or an inspection of a different activity in the same facility, i.e. meat, fish or produce departments in a grocery store.

If the restaurant is not listed the following may be occurring: change of ownership, remodeling or it is a new establishment not yet inspected.

For more information about the food scores listed here, please call Food Protection and Education at (214) 670-8083.

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100 - 80 Meets Consumer Health Division standards
79 - 70 Requires follow-up inspection within 30 days
69 - 60 Requires follow-up inspection within 10 days
59 and below Requires follow-up inspection within 24 hours

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